Amped Wireless Titan High power AC1900-RTA1900 Wi-Fi router

Amped Wireless provides some of the best networking hardware to the users. Their routers are very reliable and provide a great user friendly experience. The Amped Wireless routers are required by the user to initially login after the physical setup amped wireless router. The user can access the router’s admin login page using and configure their router as they desire. But to access the configurations of the router, the user will have to login to the router. The login process is very simple and it only takes a couple of minutes of the user’s time.

There are a few recommended steps that the user must take to better secure their network. The user must change the default username and password for their router to ensure that the user’s network is secure from any unauthorized users. The user must also update the firmware for their router. The firmware update makes sure that the router stays compatible with the latest media devices. The firmware update also enhances the security on the router so that the router isn’t vulnerable to any potential threats. All the sensitive information of the user passes through the router such as the private information, their emails and passwords, their banking information when they buy something online and more. The firmware update also provides overall speed boosts and may even add some new features to the router. The user can configure their router to personalize their network and can even change the default settings as well to better secure their network.
Here, we will show you the troubleshooting steps to setup and login to the TITAN High Power AC1900-RTA1900 Wi-Fi Router:

  • Connect the Ethernet cable from modem to the WAN port of the Amped Wireless router.
  • Now, connect another Ethernet cable from the desktop computer to any of the four internet ports of the router.
  • Reboot all the three devices and wait for them to finish rebooting.
  • Open any internet browser and type in the address bar to access the admin login page for the router.
  • There, the user will be prompted to enter the default credentials regarding their router. The default username and password is “admin” for both the cases. The username and password will be case sensitive.
  • After successfully logging in to the router, the Smart Setup Wizard will appear. The Smart Setup Wizard will guide the user through the internet connection settings.
  • The automatic configuration will allow the user to configure the router automatically with the recommended settings. Click on the Automatic Configuration option. Click Next.
  • The user can now choose to enter a new SSID (Network Name) for their router. The user can choose to change the settings later.
  • Now, the Amped Wireless router will be setup successfully without any problems.

Once the router has been setup and logged in, the user can start using their router as they desire.

Troubleshooting steps to reset the TITAN High Power AC1900-RTA1900 Wi-Fi Router:

Locate the reset button at the back of the router. It might be labeled as Reset or Restore Factory Settings.
Using a pin, press and hold the reset button for about ten seconds. Release the reset button after ten seconds.
Wait for a few seconds. Once the LED lights start flashing, the router will have been restored back to its factory default settings.
Once the router has been reset, the user can now further configure their router again.

Take Note:

  • Do not interrupt the router during the update or remove the router from the power source as it can potentially damage the router.

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