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Amped wireless routers are one of the best long range wireless routers. The Amped wireless routers render high-efficiency wireless radio signals which enhance the Wi-Fi connectivity of homes and offices etc. The Amped wireless routers can be configured through the web address The Amped wireless has the flagship models of touchscreen wireless routers and modems that give it an extra edge over the other brands in the market.

Amped Wireless ATHENA AC2600 Wi-Fi router

The Amped Wireless ATHENA router has four external antennas that provide the optimum Wi-Fi connectivity to the users and eliminates almost all the dead zones in a Wi-Fi network. Moreover, the dual frequency bands result in delivering the lightning-fast data transfer rate.
The MU-MIMO (Multi User-Multiple Input/Output ) technology allows the multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to a single wireless router. The MU-MIMO technology doesn’t decrease the network speed as it allocates the same speed to the different devices at the same time.
Amped Wireless ATHENA

Firmware update of the Amped Wireless ATHENA router
What is a firmware?

Firmware is actually software of the hardware device that enables the communication between the router and the computer device. It is only through this firmware that the user is able to customize and configure the router. The firmware of the router, in other words, is an interface between the user and the router device.

Updating the firmware of the router

It is quite important to update the firmware of the router as updating the firmware can lead to some specific positive changes in the device. Some of the advantages of updating the firmware of the router are listed below.

  • Increased data transfer rate of the router
  • More efficient working of the router
  • Update in the firmware can remove the malware or bugs in a firmware.
  • Sometimes the interface of the router also gets changed and more interactive.

Here in this section let us show you how to update the firmware of your router in few easy steps. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get your router firmware updated.

  • Initially what you need to do is visit the website of Amped wireless i.e. Navigate to the support portal and look out for the update section.
  • Enter the exact router model number in the search field of the support page.
  • Download the update file for the concerned router device model saves it in a particular location of your PC.
  • Now, access the configuration web domain of Amped wireless i.e. and enter the login credentials you have set or else log in with the default credentials.
  • The default login username and password is “admin” for both the fields.
  • Upon accessing the router setup homepage, look out for the router firmware tab and then click on the update button.
  • You will be asked to specify the location of the update file stored in the PC. Select and open the downloaded update file.
  • The upload/install process will start automatically and you will see the progress bar in the update window. Wait for the update to finish properly.

Important- It is very important to note that the update process shouldn’t be interrupted in any case as it can lead to the router malfunction or it can even be rendered useless in some cases. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the user should wait for the router to reboot properly at the end.

Is there any other method to access the router portal other than
Yes, you can access the Amped wireless router through its default IP address i.e. or The web domain is also addressed at the default IP address of the router. In fact, the router setup portal can only be accessed through its default IP address.

How can we update the firmware of the router through check button?

Updating the firmware of the router through the check button is a time saving and comparatively easier method of updating the firmware of the router.
In this method, the user just needs to access the router dashboard through the default IP address or through the and enter into the router through the login credentials.
Click on the router firmware tab and if any update has been released, then a check button right next to the update tab will be flashing continuously. The user just needs to click on the “check” button and follow the rest of the instructions on the screen to complete the updating process.

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